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Blackwood Quartet

Bass Vocalist for 27 years 


Denny spent 27 years singing bass for one of America's premier Gospel groups, "The Blackwood Quartet" and "The Blackwood Singers" of Elvis Presley's favorite quartets.

Archie Campbell

Early 70's


Denny had the great honor of backing up several Legends in the music industry during his years with The Blackwood' of which was Archie Campbell from the classic show "Hee Haw".

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans



Denny worked with Dale and Roy for several years when he was working with The Blackwood's. Later Roy and Dale took Denny on many of their Rodeo shows thanks to Roy's manager Art Rush, who was one of Denny's good friends. Art Rush was a big supporter of Denny's early career and even wrote wonderful reviews on the back of Denny's first solo album.



Denny with The Blackwood's

(on the right with banjo)

Denny & Shelia with good friends

Moe Bandy and Teresa Bowe

The Yeary's with Branson's dear friend

Roy Clark

Denny was MC and bass Vocalist for The Jubilee Show in 1995 & 1996

(Denny is on far left)

Denny and The Blackwood's with presidential nominee and Senator George McGovern

Denny and The Blackwood's with  Country Music Legend Dolly Parton

Denny had the privilege of performing with "The Diamond's" ...famous for their hit "Little Darlin"

Denny did many shows with different celebrities like Jack Lalanne

Denny did a dinner show with Kathy Westmoreland (Elvis's soprano female vocalist) in  1996-97. Denny had the first dinner show in Branson, Missouri 

Denny and Shelia had the great privilege of performing for several years with 

"The Branson Valley Quartet" with good friends Sheldon "Tucker" and Dave Emery

The Yeary's and Tucker with good friend

Country Music Legend Neil McCoy

"The Branson Valley Quartet"

Denny, Shelia, Dave, &Tucker

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